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Step into another dimension with these must-watch Twilight Zone episodes. Experience the iconic storytelling and thought-provoking themes that have captivated audiences for decades.
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Writer(s): Charles Beaumont, John TomerlinDirector: Abner Biberman"Number 12" deserves placement among the best of dystopian future sci-fi, wherein society has instituted a mandatory homogenizing "transformation" plastic surgery because men were getting reeeeeally mad about physical unattractiveness. Yikes! And when the one objector is basically lobotomized so that she gets, and likes, the result? *chills*

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Confessional poetry and The Twilight Zone. Who wants to be a confessional poet? Those we’ve saddled with the label—Lowell, Berryman, Snodgrass, Sexton, et cetera—usually react to it with frustration, if not outright hatred. That should come as no surprise. Most poetic movements are met by some degree of disapproval, or at least discomfort. Writers are […]

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Throughout the show you find terrifying episodes, some beautifully heartbreaking, and others with wide-eyed awe of what could come in the future. The last one though, is more rare. These episodes come around every so often to give our brains a nice kick in the ass to get thinking, leaving us with questions on our view or morality that may just need to be thought about and changed.

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