Turkey fruit platter

Impress your guests with a creative and delicious turkey fruit platter. Discover top ideas to make your Thanksgiving table centerpiece a healthy and festive treat.
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Thank you so much for all of your interest in the Fruit Turkey Tray I posted on Instagram and Facebook last week. It's a fun and creative way to have our plant based vegan turkey! Kids love it as well as adults. I made another fruit turkey this week when Sweet Pea spent the night

Wahida Rahimi
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Here are some fun and festive Thanksgiving food ideas without making a huge turkey dinner. Above: First, map out and decorate your table. Just pull each tray off of it as you prepare the food. Above: Turkey Charcuterie Board Turkey Charcuterie Board Ingredients: Large round butter crackers (14 or so crackers) Various thinly sliced deli meats of your choice, such as salami, peppered salami, and soppressata Crostini slices Sliced cheddar cheese Sliced Colby Jack cheese Parmesan crisps Bosc…

Lynette Jordan
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