Trout fishing lures

Catch more trout with these top-rated fishing lures. Explore a range of effective lures and techniques to enhance your fishing experience and increase your chances of success.
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Looking to catch more Rainbow Trout? Well come on in and learn my top 10 tips and tricks for catching more trout. You will see how little adjustments can make all the difference with these picky fish. From trout bait to finding nearby trout, we cover it all in these tips and tricks.

Paul Bittner
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There are several ways to begin your fishing journey – you can join a friend or family member on their fishing trip, you can attend a free ODFW fishing event, or you can strike out on your own (don’t worry, you can do this). In this article you'll find out what gear you need and where to go fishing in Oregon, along with a few basics of the sport.

Ralph Dubois