Toy dachshund

Explore a collection of playful toy dachshund ideas that will bring joy to dog lovers. Find the perfect toy dachshund to add to your family and create endless moments of fun and cuteness.
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When you adopted your Dachshund, or purchased him or her from a breeder, you were probably told whether your Dachshund was a miniature or standard. But when you made some Dachshund friends, you noticed that your Dachshund was larger than other miniatures or smaller than other standards. You began to wonder if what the breeder,

Kimmi Dallimore

The Dachshund is a purebred dog originating from Germany, originally bred to hunt badgers. Despite being a pure breed dog, there are many different sizes of Dachshund as smaller versions were bred to hunt smaller game. This resulted in 4 different sizes of Dachshund existing including the Teacup, Toy, Mini and Standard Dachshund. Here is…