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Learn how to improve your math skills with the innovative touch math technique. Discover effective strategies and resources to enhance your understanding and confidence in mathematics.
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Hi all. I hope you are enjoying your weekend. Last night was my school's Fall Festival (plus grade cards went out on the same day, yippee). Since all of that fun is over with, I can breathe a little easier. I did want to take a minute and share with you about a math strategy that I absolutely love. Touchmath. I was introduced to Touchmath when I stared teaching first grade, several years ago. I have used it ever since. If you are unfamiliar, there are imaginary points that can go on the…

Amanda Young
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On Tuesday we were able to start playing with some of our TouchMath printables. The idea behind touch math is that each number has an equal number of touch points as the numeral is. So, the number 2 has 2 touch points, etc. The first printable pages (which we bought here) I used in a couple of different ways. With my boys we used do-a-dot markers to fill in the empty touch points. For preschool on Wednesday we were working on a few different skills. We repeated putting the sentences in order…

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Are you searching for engaging and educational resources to help your students grasp the concept of math? Look no further than our collection of Dice Math Worksheets. With a focus on entities and subjects, these worksheets are designed to make learning fun and interactive for learners of all grade levels. Whether you are a math tutor, math teacher, or even parent, these worksheets are a perfect choice to help you teach basic arithmetic and expand the number sense of your students or…

Alexis Boyle
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Teaching Money with this Touch Money Chart Do your students struggle with counting money? Touch Math Money or Touch Money is a great tool to use when teaching children how to count coins. It's been a complete game changer in my classroom. Here is a free student reference chart that your students can keep at their desks or in their math folder to refer to when counting money! Download the Free Touch Money Chart Enter your name and email below so that I can send it right over to you. It'll…

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