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Discover expert tips and ideas to tone your hair and achieve the perfect shade. Enhance your hair color and create a stunning look with these top techniques and products.
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What Hair Color Is Best For You?

“What hair color is best for me?” Every girl has asked themselves this question at least once in her life, and many multiple times. Especially if you’ve experimented with a few colors already. What color suits you the most? What’s the best hair color for your skin tone and eye color? It’s scientific, actually. All it takes is consulting a hair color/skin tone chart. Finding Out Your Perfect Hair Color It’s a lot easier than you think! First, identify your skin tone; fair with pink or cool…

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How to Tone Brown Hair to Ash – Turn Brassy Brunette to Stunning Ash

Hair that’s been dyed or faded by the sun can often develop red, or brassy undertones. This is easily corrected using a hair toner which contains pigment to neutralize warm colors. Cooler colors like ash have become popular in recent years and a variety of different hair toners now exist for both brunette and blonde hair. Since ash hair colour does not contain many red and orange tones, a hair toner is required to change warm brown hair to ash. Blue shampoo or purple shampoo can also work.

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How do I choose a hair color for Indian skin?

Discover how to choose the right and best hair color for your skin tone. With the help of hair colour experts, you can find the perfect match and achieve a natural hair color. #Haircolor

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