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Discover the incredible abilities of Toad and learn how to use them to your advantage in Mario Bros games. Master Toad's unique skills and unlock new levels of fun and excitement in your gaming experience.
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C'mon, Mario! Our big adventure begins now!Toad, The Super Mario Bros. Movie Toad is a main character who appears in The Super Mario Bros. Movie. He uses a frying pan as paraphernalia. Toad's appearance resembles his video game counterpart but far more detailed, like his pants having laces on the front and having more defined (yet stubby) legs. He also carries a backpack. Toad is adorable and cheerful. Despite this light-hearted demeanor of his, he can also have a biting wit and isn’t afraid…

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Toads are a race native to the Mushroom Kingdom. They appear to be the dominant race despite the fact that their monarch is a Human. They also seem to be native to almost every major city in the Mushroom Kingdom including Rogue Port and Shroom City but predominantly in Toad Town, which is either named after the race or the character. There are many colors of toads including green, blue, and red. Many Toads serve Princess Peach as retainers (except one of the Blue Toads, as confirmed in Super…

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