Tiny house for big family

Explore spacious and functional tiny house ideas designed specifically for big families. Find inspiration for creating a comfortable and stylish living space for your entire family.
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This family of five lives in a 20m², off-grid and smart phone-free home with a composting toilet and a shower they share with the sky. Words & Images: Melanie Brookes Who: Melanie and Ben Briookes, Pippa (7), Kit (5), Sylvie (2). Where: Awaawaroa Eco Village, Waiheke Island Website: www.awaawaroa.org “You’ll get cabin fever.” “You won’t get any sleep.” “You won’t make it.” That was what we heard in 2013 when we announced to family and friends that we were running away from suburbia and…

Sarahaim Sita
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This dream tiny house is perfect for family life! After spending years saving for a conventional home but constantly falling short of a housing market out of control, Lloyd and Kylee took the bold step to build an unconventional home for their family and

Rachel Pine
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When most of us think about tiny houses, we imagine them being ideal for couples or those living on their own, perhaps those with only one child at a stretch. Its hard to think how a tiny house could work to accomodate a large family, especially one with

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