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Discover natural and effective methods to tighten your skin and achieve a youthful appearance. Say goodbye to sagging skin and hello to a firmer, more radiant complexion.
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This has by far been my most requested post and most frequently asked question...so here it is everyone. How do I/we tighten our skin and keep it from sagging? It is actually very, very simple but first you have to understand a little bit about the skin tightening process. When I first started exercising I thought that my skin would bounce back as fast as my weight came off. WRONG! I have extremely poor skin elasticity, hence the stretch marks I got when I was twelve. It seemed like it took…

Paula Dominguez
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Do you have a bit of crepey skin that gives away your age? Its so frustrating - we eat right, workout regularly and still, this skin can even wind up looking so much older than the rest of us. Crepey skin can appear in many places, especially where skin gets thinner and more delicate. Some of the first places you'll see it include around your eyes, at your neck and chest and under your chin. Some women also see cellulite, a form of crepey skin that pops up on your thighs. While every woman…

Tammy Malloy
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Here is a powerful skin tightening homemade wrinkle cream that works better than Botox which you can make using all-natural ingredients from the comfort of your home! If you have been looking for ways to help tighten your skin using natural home remedies, the following remedy will help you get results very fast! Note: If […]

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