Discover the endless possibilities of tempera paint for your art projects. From vibrant colors to smooth textures, unleash your creativity with this versatile medium.
How to do: Monochromatic Painting, using tempera paints, of Helena Bonham Carter 8 x 10 by artist Jessica Hoffman

Medium: Red, black & white tempera paints; eighth-inch thick poster board Completed: June 2010 Original Size: 16”x20” Description: For an independent art study class, I tried my hand at painting...

Michelle Seeholzer
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6x8 egg tempera on paper. For me, this was about trying to make that 'haze of summer' feel come across. Pointillism seemed an appropriate style and I had always wanted a chance to lay down little intense blobs of color. IMHO NC Wyeth pulled off the feeling the best in two of his paintings, which I cannot remember at the moment . . . Inspiration for this style came from Laura Vitali who can be found here.

Brian Hunter

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