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Discover the latest futuristic technology ideas that are shaping our world today and get inspired to embrace the future. From AI to virtual reality, explore the endless possibilities of futuristic technology.
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Healthcare can be transformed with the innovation and insights of AI and machine learning. From robot-assisted surgery to virtual nursing assistants, diagnosing conditions facilitating workflow and analyzing images, AI and machines can help improve outcomes for patients and lower costs for providers

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Hero game asset for my little side project: The GCom 031s (no branding edition) by CTec - A sci-fi phone device or smartphone. It is an older model in-game, so it seems a bit worn and aged. But I have also added a clean version for comparison. The interface is just a placeholder and far from being final. The GCom has no Hologram display but a glass plate as a projection screen that can be removed. Without glass display, the device still has rudimentary communication features. A model…

Brandon Thacker
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Clothing manufacturing has evolved incredibly over the years, thanks to advanced technology. Since designing clothes through hand tools and manual labor, we have entered the era of automation and robotics in clothing manufacturing. Using high-tech tools and machines has made the production process faster, more cost-effective, and more efficient.

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