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MOVIE REVIEW Movie: Teen Beach 2 Network: Disney Channel Original Air Date: June 26, 2015 CAST: Ross Lynch ... Brady Maia Mitchell ... McKenzie / Mack Grace Phipps ... Lela Garrett Clayton ... Tanner Piper Curda ... Alyssa John DeLuca ... Butchy Mollee Gray ... Giggles Kent Boyd ... Rascal Jordan Fisher ... Seacat Chrissie Fit ... CheeChee Jessica Lee Keller ... Struts PLOT: via http://disney.wikia.com/wiki/Teen_Beach_2: The film will revolve around the characters from Wet Side Story after…

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Lela Avery Dean is the leading female character in Wet Side Story. When Brady and Mack go into the movie, Lela accidentally falls in love with Brady, instead of Tanner, her original love interest. She is portrayed by Grace Phipps. In Wet Side Story, Lela is a part of the biker group, "The Rodents". When Lela falls into surfer guy Tanner's arms, she instantly falls in love with him. Due to them being a part of rival groups, Bikers and Surfers, they must keep their love a secret. When Brady…