Teddy girl

Step into the world of Teddy Girl fashion and embrace the retro style. Explore top ideas to create your own unique Teddy Girl look and make a fashion statement.
1950's British Teddy Boys, post war working class teenage boy gangs (Teddy Girls were the counter part).  Appears to be somewhat of the British version of the American Zoot Suiters. Boy Fashion, 1950s Fashion, Vintage, Rockabilly, Fashion, Men's Fashion, Fashion Men, Mens Fashion, Man Wearing Clothes

You might have heard of the Teddy Boys, a 1950s rebel youth subculture in Britain characterized by an unlikely style of dress inspired by Edwardian dandies fused with American rock’n roll. They formed gangs from East London to North Kensington and became high profile rebels in the media. But an important sub-subculture of the Teddy…

Mayra Amaya