Teacup dachshund

Find your perfect companion with our selection of adorable teacup Dachshund puppies. Browse our listings and bring home a lovable addition to your family today.
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The Dachshund is a purebred dog originating from Germany, originally bred to hunt badgers. Despite being a pure breed dog, there are many different sizes of Dachshund as smaller versions were bred to hunt smaller game. This resulted in 4 different sizes of Dachshund existing including the Teacup, Toy, Mini and Standard Dachshund. Here is…

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Teacup Dachshunds are the exact replica of the standard Dachshund but with one major difference – they are smaller, lighter, and have a personality that’s filled with joie de vivre. On average, these dogs barely tip the scale at 8 lbs. They are also pocket-size at just about 5 to 7 inches long. A perfect apartment pet, indeed!

Kate Cohen
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