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Find inspiration and encouragement to enhance your teaching journey. Discover top ideas to motivate and empower yourself as an educator.
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The Best 12 Inspirational Quotes for Teachers + Freebie - TEACH SMART with me

Find some of the best inspirational quotes for teachers to help motivate and inspire you on the days that you need it the most. Some days as teachers we just need some inspiration to keep us moving forward. You're probably wondering about the things that can help inspire you. Reminders help. Things in front of

Mary McCurdy
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Teacher Appreciation, Inspiration, and Motivation

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Day 2017, I've collected some great quotes to keep us teachers inspired and motivated to persevere through this profession's challenges and society's misconceptions of us. Alexander the Great basically says his greatness comes from his teacher, Aristotle! Truly, I can't even count the number of facets of my life that have been impacted by teachers! And it is my humble prayer that I do the same for today's youth. These educators who teach with their hearts not…

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