Tea cup display

Transform your home decor with unique tea cup display ideas. Find inspiration to showcase your collection in a charming and stylish way.
I am old enough to remember collecting matchbooks. I don't really care for how this is displayed, though. Decoration, Display Ideas, Display Frames, Display Case, Displaying Collections, Display, Frame Display, Vintage Collection, Big Jar

Today, we suggest you to take out your collections and display them on the most visible part of your house. These invaluable pieces are far better than store-bought decoration items. Each of them represents a special moment in your life and has a different story of becoming a part of your priceless collection. So, have

Jeanne Medina

Hello everyone, I hope you will join me for tea today at my favorite tea room. It is in Mt. Dora,Florida where we spent a couple of days on our trip south. It was the first place we headed for when we rented our car. It is called The Garden Gate tearoom. I think it has romance and shabby chic down pat. Every time we have gone to Florida we went for lunch here. Not only does the setting delight me but the food is amazing too. Love how the mirror is decorated over the mantle and even the chair…

Esmay Vermeulen
What should young people do with Grandma's china? China, Young People

I call my Oma, who lives in Florida, to ask how her Thanksgiving was. We talk only for 15 minutes because she needs to get back to the lebkuchen she’s baking for a church Christmas fundraiser. She tells me her Thanksgiving was small but nice; she made Cornish hens for everyone instead of a huge turkey. She’s like…

Dory Haselswerdt