Tarot reading for others

Learn how to master the art of tarot reading for others and provide insightful guidance. Discover tips and techniques to enhance your readings and help others navigate their life's journey.
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Are you highly sensitive to the mental, emotional and spiritual state of other people? Most of us who read tarot are empaths so I thought that this spread would be helpful. It can be overwhelming to be sensitive to the energy of others and my hope is that this tarot spread will help you better und

Jamie Irwin
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You know you're intuitive! Why not learn to use tarot to confidently get messages from your Spirit Guides and Angels. Click the link to read 4 Simple Tarot Card Tips for the Absolute Beginner. Tips for spiritual and intuitive tarot readings. Reading tarot requires a bit of practice and research. Daily readings and journaling can help you learn. #spiritualbusinessspotlight #learntoreadtarot #tarotforbeginners #tarotcommunity

Sue Ellis-Saller Tarot