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Discover a variety of fun and exciting swimming activities that are perfect for all ages. Dive into the water and make a splash with these engaging ideas for a memorable swimming experience.
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Autism & Hearing Impaired Autistic children tend to process information visually and have difficulty when skills are verbally communicated to them. Visual skill cards and tips for teaching children with disabilities can be downloaded and printed out below. These resources are also useful for children who normally wear hearing aids or have other […]

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It is summer which means pool time! Whether you have you own pool or use a community pool you will love these 10 pool games for kids. So many fun ways to cool off! Pool Games for Kids We love to play in the pool and these diving rings are always a hit! You can incorporate them in lots of the games below. Sight Word Dive from I Can Teach My Child - Create a learning pool game using inexpensive items. Swimming Pool Scrabble from Toddler Approved - If your kids love board games they will love…

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