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Discover the sweetest guys who will make your heart skip a beat. From their charming smiles to their caring personalities, these men are sure to sweep you off your feet.
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Bad Boy's Good Girl {COMPLETED}[SAMPLE](READ ON DREAME) - "New Neighbours."

"Why are you so rude to me? Princess?" "BECAUSE I HATE YOU. I REALLY HATE YOU." *** Katie's a good girl with a sorted life and has plans for the future. Her life revolves around her little circle consisting of her single mother and her only best friend, Beth. She's sweet yet sarcastic. She's naïve yet smart. She believes what she sees, and she sees good in everyone. But there are things even a good girl loathes. Attention and players are also known as playboys and bad boys and are just known…

Aimee Coulson-Knight