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Lagom: The Latest Trend For 2017

Every year sees the arrival of new trends, and this year it’s the Swedish term lagom that is set to steal the show, but what exactly is it? For the past few years, Scandi style has been at the top of the on-trend list. We know it as simplicity and functionality, but now it’s branching off and focusing on specific words and ideas from individual Scandinavian countries, as last year we saw the rise of the Danish word hygge. We have put together this post to shed some light on lagom, and make…

Victoria Gerasimova
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You Have Planted Your Final Potato Swedish Saying by tiokvadrat | Redbubble

Old Swedish saying meaning that you have had enough of someone, "You have planted your final potato." Du ha satt din sista potatis. A fun purchase for someone who is or speaks Swedish and has a sense of humor. Great for making conversation! This funny meme

Drew Olson
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The Fine Art Of Annoying A Mafia King - 50. Cuddles and hugs

What happens when The Mafia King gets a weird text one night from a girl who is hell bent on making him hers? She is a badass who wins each and every street race and street fight. She always gets what she wants. Freedom and having control over everything is her motto. She is Valentina Martinez. He is a Mafia King who kills without remorse. Having control and power over everyone is his motto. He is Luciano Moretti. -------------------- Excerpt:- {Texts between the characters} Valentina When…

Maiki Lauri