Superhero bathroom

Transform your kids' bathroom into a superhero haven with these creative ideas. Discover fun and colorful ways to incorporate their favorite superheroes into the bathroom decor.
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Many parents find it difficult to tell their children to take a bath, although basically young kids are very happy and easily in contact with water, but sometimes they are also lazy when they are absorbed in something. For parents, this is really inconvenient moreover still many things that you have not completed at home


I finally had enough of staring at my pathetic attempt at superhero art while I helped the Kiddo get ready every day. It made me think of the terrible art on (now defunct) It had to go. The canvases also started to warp from the moisture. Plus, seriously not great to look at. Some things, I should emphatically NOT DIY, apparently. Fortunately, Greg Guillemin over at is way, way better at this super hero art than I am. SO. MUCH. BETTER.