Super girls

Discover empowering ideas and inspiration for raising strong and fearless super girls. Encourage their dreams, boost their confidence, and help them become the heroes they were born to be.
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“Sugar, spice, and everything nice.” How could we forget The Powerpuff Girls’ motto or the clever mischievousness from Codename: Kids Next Door. And, what about Johnny Bravo’s big hairstyle? These are just some of the things that we remember the most when we think about the cartoons that impacted our childhood. Some of them became our evening companions when we were young and saw them on TV.

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New Enemies. New Allies. It’s Time To Fight For What’s Right! SUPERGIRL: THE COMPLETE FOURTH SEASON My hubby and I are HUGE fans of Marvel and DC superhero shows! Supergirl is one of our favorite shows. We haven't seen the new season but we have watched the Elseworld crossover episodes- I love the crossover episodes within DC shows. It gives us something to think about- when and where the other heroes will show up to save the day! We all want the superheroes to save the day, that's what…