Sunday school rules

Discover the best Sunday school rules to create a positive and engaging learning environment. Implement these rules to make your Sunday school lessons fun and impactful for students of all ages.
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One of the most common questions I hear from new teachers (or those considering serving in children's ministry) is about classroom management and Children & Salvation, Teacher Tips Classroom Management: Setting Biblical Rules

Tami Ledford
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It might sound funny to say, but rules are something I've always struggled with as a Classroom Teacher. Not that I don't believe in rules, there are just SO MANY. We have rules for everything and they are SO important but how do you narrow them down to suit your classroom? Well, it has taken me 4 years (yes, FOUR!) to come up with these and I will likely change them here and there over the years, but I am quite excited about where they're at! This set is specific for Christian schools to…

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Welcome to my first Sunday School post! This will be my fourth year teaching our mixed Pre-k and Kinder (Prep) class. I teach our church’s little dears together with Naomi, my sister-in-law. She is totally an amazing person and I love her so much and couldn’t imagine teaching without her! We do lots of hands-on activities […]

Bhawna Khanna
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Ministry Bee
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I really like using posters as classroom management tools. I can hold one up, explain it and then hang it on the wall to review, reinforce and gently remind later on. I sometimes use them as writing prompts to jumpstart my students imaginations. They can explain what they think the poster means and tell me ... Read More about A Dozen Classroom Management Posters

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