Summer scarf tying

Learn how to tie your summer scarves in creative and fashionable ways. Elevate your outfits with these stylish scarf tying techniques that are perfect for the summer season.
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We hear it all the time: “Oh I can’t wear scarves in the summer. It’s too hot!” Wrong, wrong, wrongity, wrong! (WRONG!) ;) Scarves are much more than a winter accessory — they are a year-round necessity! From shirts, to necklaces, to bustiers, to shrugs — scarves can do it all. And to help all of our warm-weather-scarf

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Step 1: Lay the scarf over your shoulders, centered on your neck. Step 2: Single knot it at the length you want it to hit at your bust. Step 3: Take each loose end and wrap the scarf on itself, upwards towards your neck. Step 4: Knot each end to keep them in place. Ever since I've bought my two Lilly Pullitzer for Target scarves, I've been wondering how to wear them so they're summer appropriate. I love the idea of wearing them as a wrap or sarong on the beach, but that's not really…

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