String Wall Art

Add a touch of creativity to your space with these unique string wall art ideas. Explore different techniques and designs to create a stunning and personalized wall decor.
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Page 2 of 3 - Balloons As Sphere Molds - posted in Studio Operations and Making Work: as long as we are talking balloons... once i made some pieces by filling balloons with water, tied them, draped slabs around them, then put the whole combo into a net bag, the kind that onions or old style sausages come in..thin plastic netting. i tied off the netting with some cord and suspended the clay/water balloon/netted forms from a low hanging tree limb (i was working outside) then i paddled them…

Samiksha Dhawan
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** What is String Art ** Sring Art is an innovative art that involves creating spatial images and patterns using nails and threads. Everything is 100% handmade: starting from staining and painting the substrate, going through hammering properly selected nails, and ending with manual threading. For this reason, there will never be two identical works! Matching the right pattern and a wide range of colors allows you to create original paintings. All this means that you will find a decoration…

Abinaya Balakrishnan

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