Steelhead flies

Discover the best Steelhead flies that will help you catch more fish on your next fly fishing adventure. Find the perfect patterns and techniques to attract Steelhead and improve your fly fishing success.
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The Intruder has become more of a style of Steelhead fly than a specific pattern.The original was tied by legendary Washington Steelhead guide Ed Ward. This variation of an Intruder is tied on a wadington shank with a small octopus style hook rigged in a loop of slickshooter. This set up enables one to change the hook so as to be always be fishing with a sharp hook. This flashy blue intruder is a great pattern for covering the water quickly as it's large profile and bright colouring are…

Rich Pribyl
Great Lakes Steelhead Flies with Alex Kolivras – TCO Fly Shop Inspiration, Trout, Steelhead Flies, Steelhead, Trout Fishing Tips, Fly Fishing Tips, Fly Fishing Flies Pattern, Fly Tying, Great Lakes

As temperatures start to become brisk and the fall weather sets in here in Pennsylvania, you can be sure to see an influx of anglers come to the shop preparing to make their annual pilgrimage to the tributaries of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario for Salmon and Steelhead. As part of this process, the fly tying room becomes a popular place for many of our customers. This is no surprise, as many of the most effective steelhead and salmon flies are simple and cost effective to tie yourself. One of…