Starting photography business

Take the first step towards your dream of starting a photography business. Learn the essential tips and tricks to set up a successful venture in the world of photography.
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How much should I, as a new photographer, charge?

Are you just starting out in the realm of photography and trying to figure out, WHAT DO I CHARGE?! I’m going to be talking about all of this pricing goodness today. I’ve pulled some amazing ideas from: How To Price Your Photography When Starting Out. If you’re looking for prewritten photography pricing list templates.…

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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting Your Biz - Abby Waller Blog

After almost six years of running my business here are the five mistakes to avoid that I would tell to anyone starting their business.

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8 things you absolutely must have to start a portrait photography business

Thinking of starting a photography business? Pro photographer Krista Lee discusses 8 things you should have before starting a home based photography biz.

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10 Photography Tools I Wish I Knew About When I Started My Business

Oh what I WISH I would have known seven years ago, when I decided to go full time in my wedding photography business. I mean, let’s be real, starting a business is no joke, and a majority of learning is through trial and error. There’s so many aspects of a photography business that you don’t …

karen harb
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Why are contracts necessary for photographers and What to include in a photographer's contract

Photography contracts can be so overwhelming. Find out what contracts a business attorney suggests that photographers need to protect their business.

Tammy Peters
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Ways To Make Money With Photography | Side Hustle Ideas

Are you the go-to-photographer among your friends and people you know? Starting a photography side hustle to make money on the side is easier than you think.

Kelsey Lee
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Starting a Photography Business? Here's Everything You Need

Welcome to the adrenaline-filled rush of becoming an entrepreneur. While it is exciting as heck to turn a successful hobby or freelance gig into a thriving business, the recipe for success still relies on hard work.

Rhianna Willard
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The Biggest Secret to Strategic Portfolio Photoshoots

You just booked one of your first clients. You pull up to your session only to find your clients are wearing miss-matched clothing with big logos. One of them is in bright neon pink, throwing some seriously scary color casts on everyone’s skin. You had been so excited about these images to be the face […]

Shunnie | Lifestyle & Business Blogger
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How To Start a Photography Business from Home

Hey You, If you're looking to start your own photography business from home today, you have come to the right place. Nine years ago, I did just that. Now I own and operate my own photography business from home. Here are the steps you can take to do the same! Click Here for my free checklist on s

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