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So, a little morbid, but still.  Who wouldn't want a sendoff like this???  Star Trek Buried in New Funeral Merchandise | Underwire | Star Trek, Design, Bury Fc, Gothic, Star Trek Merchandise, Geek Furniture, Starship Enterprise, Star Trek Ships, Geek Stuff

With J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek about a month away, we knew there would be a constant flow of merchandising tie-ins before and after the film’s release. It’s safe to say few fans could have predicted the latest licensing deal with Eternal Image. The Farmington Hills, Michigan, company designs and manufactures themed memorial and funeral products, […]

Leigh Baird
Star Trek TNG Bluetooth ComBadge

You can get your hands on 24th century technology right now with the Star Trek TNG Bluetooth ComBadge. Sadly, warp drive is still beyond us at the moment but you can still feel like you're a member of the 24th century's Starfleet with this cool, fully-functioning, officially-licensed communicator

Ken Weiss
Star Trek The Next Generation Varsity Hoodie Geeks, Cosplay, Star Trek, Shirts, Star Trek Merchandise, Varsity Hoodie, Varsity Hoodie Jacket, Varsity Jackets, Red Hoodie

This Star Trek The Next Generation Varsity Hoodie is what all Starfleet cadets are wearing this year. You can choose from Blue (Science), Red (Command), or Gold (Operations). It features a chenille combadge patch on the chest and the jersey hood buttons into the neck for easy removal. Attend Star