Stairs to attic conversion

Transform your unused attic space into a functional area with these creative ideas for converting attic stairs. Discover how to make the most of your attic and create a useful and stylish new room.
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This is a set of photos showing my attic workroom before, during, and after renovations. My attic is very large (20' x 14') and light and has a walkout on to the roof, where I intend to have a proper deck built eventually. I use the attic as a work space. It's an office, a sewing room and a studio all rolled into one. It's an amazing space that I feel very fortunate to have. My house is one of three attached houses and the other two do not have finished attics like mine. They both have…

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Finishing your attic can add space and utility and increase the value of your home, as long as it's done properly. When done without proper planning or adherence to local building codes, it can actually reduce the value of your home or stall a sale. Here are some must-do tips to follow when finishing your attic.

Dionis Brown