Stage props diy

Take your stage performance to the next level with these creative DIY stage props. Discover easy and affordable ideas to enhance your show and leave a lasting impression on your audience.
DIY: Victorian Candle Lantern made from cardboard.  Inexpensive.  Halloween Horrors in Victorian London Party Decorating & Ideas Suit Of Armor Diy Cardboard, Cardboard Lantern, Victorian Candle, Victorian Candles, Cardboard Props, Ward Christmas Party, Set Construction, Play Props, Creepy Costumes

Cardboard Props: Victorian Candle Lantern

Cardboard Props: Victorian Candle Lantern: Relatively easy one tonight... a Cardboard prop Lantern useful for Nativity plays, low budget LARP, creepy costumes and more... This prop is extremely handy if you need something that will pass at a distance as a lantern, without the risk of burning…

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