Spinach cannelloni

Indulge in mouthwatering spinach cannelloni dishes that will satisfy your pasta cravings. Find top recipes to create a flavorful and satisfying meal for your family and friends.
This is an outstanding spinach and ricotta cannelloni recipe! Classic and foolproof - packed with fresh spinach, parmesan cheese and a hint of lemon, topped with a rich, homemade tomato sauce and oozy mozzarella. You cannot go wrong with this recipe! It is quick, easy to make and perfect as a midweek meal. Fresh, Pasta, Spinach Ricotta, Spinach Ricotta Cannelloni, Ricotta Cannelloni Recipe, Spinach And Feta, Cannelloni Recipes, Spinach Manicotti, Ricotta

Quick, easy and delicious, you will absolutely love this spinach and ricotta cannelloni! Packed with a creamy spinach and ricotta filling and topped with homemade Napoletana sauce and oozy, golden mozzarella, you can’t go wrong with this family favourite. Keep a few portions of this vegetarian classic in the freezer for the perfect midweek meal, any time.

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Recipe video above. You will love how flavourful the juicy beef filling and sauce is! Too many recipes disappoint by using plain canned tomato - the sauce needs flavour! It will seem like there's a lot of sauce (and there is) and that it's too thin (and it is!) BUT you need it because the cannelloni sucks up a lot when it's cooking!!! Serves 4 very hungry people, 5 normal people.