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Delve into the fascinating field of space science and discover the mysteries of the universe. Learn about the latest advancements, groundbreaking research, and incredible discoveries that are shaping our understanding of outer space.
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Astronomy is the study of objects in outer space, such as stars, moons, and planets. It also is the study of phenomena in the physical universe -- and the properties of objects that are usually far away from Earth. But what are some common "space words" and what do they mean? This article will review astronomical terms and define some of the most common space words around.

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This outer space vectors collection with a science related theme provides the best detailed charts about the internal structure of the milky way planets. This 12 vector illustrations are perfect for school projects that require knowledge about the layers of astronomical bodies such as the Earths, the Sun and even more.

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1. There is a hypothetical particle called a strangelet that we might find in the cores of neutron stars. If one were to strike earth (or any object in the universe), it could turn that matter into further strangelets creating a chain reaction that would result in the Earth being turned into one big strangelet.

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Want a fun way to change up how you assess your students? While there is value in giving multiple choice assessments (students need to have these test taking skills to pass the ACT and SAT), I also like to change it up. Not all students do well with multiple choice or written tests, and offering ... Read more

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You’ve likely seen space movies like Apollo 13 or Hidden Figures, or less realistic films like Interstellar, Gravity, and The Martian. While watching these movies, you probably find yourself thinking: what happens to the human body in space? Most fictional movies and even those based on true stories don’t discuss the severe effects space travel can have on humans.

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