Sour cream ranch dressing

Enhance the flavor of your dishes with homemade sour cream ranch dressing. Try out these mouthwatering recipes and take your meals to the next level.
Semi-Homemade Ranch Dressing - Clover Lane

Years ago I realized I was a ranch snob. When this realization hit, bottled ranch dressing was just never good enough. Once you make your own ranch from a packet, you will know what I am talking about. Salads will never be the same (in a good way). There are two different kinds of ranch...Read More

Stephanie Barnes

Our Sour Cream & Chive Dressing is just sensational if you are looking to add some creamy decadence to ,your next salad. Try it with leaf salads, fishy salads, tomato salads and great for potato salad.


This lighter salsa ranch dressing makes the perfect topping for taco salad or your favorite Mexican food! Creamy buttermilk and sour cream are combined with salsa and ranch seasoning to make an easy, delicious dressing or dip.

Rachael Ford

The BEST homemade ranch dressing! Buttermilk and loads of fresh herbs are the star of this easy homemade dressing - you will never go back to store bought again!

Kristin Lawson