Soft tortilla recipe

Make your own soft tortillas at home with this easy recipe. Enjoy mouthwatering tacos and burritos filled with your favorite ingredients. Try it now and elevate your Mexican cuisine game!
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Forget store bought tortillas, and make your own with this flour tortilla recipe. This homemade tortilla recipe can be easily doubled or tripled if you wanted to make larger batches, and they freeze perfectly!

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Homemade Flour tortillas are more common in the northern states of México, where they are still made using a traditional recipe. This step by step tutorial and video will guide all the way in the process to enjoy soft and delicious flour tortillas made by you. You will love them!

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This two ingredient soft tortilla recipe changes everything. It’s made using two real food ingredients (Yup. TWO) and can be whipped up in a couple of minutes.

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