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A young Miskito boy playfully shows off with a small native chicken on his head in Krin Krin, Nicaragua, located on the Rio Coco. Residents along the Rio Coco were considered Contra allies during the war, and were forced to evacuate in masses when their crops and homes were burned by Sandinista government military. After they were allowed to return, Hurricane Mitch hit them in 1998, which flooded the river to around 30 feet above normal. Residents continue to struggle to make a livelihood…

Cecilia Ferreira
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Noakhali, Bangladesh The Bede are a migrant group in Bangladesh that have no permanent settlement and go wherever they want to go. Supposedly, the Roma of Europe are descendants from the Bede. As one can imagine, life is very difficult for this ethnic group. Children rarely receive health services or an education, and jobs are always scarce. But the children are like children everywhere, they enjoyed laughing and wanted to know more about their strange-looking…

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