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If I had to name one funny-looking car on the spot, the first thing that would pop into my mind is the Fiat Multipla. Having gained somewhat of a cult status, these whimsical six-seaters have been dividing people since their launch in 1998. After the Multiplas were discontinued in 2010, their legend still continues to this day.

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For Sale: Smart Fortwo with a Hayabusa Engine – Engine Swap Depot Suzuki Hayabusa, Smart Car, Smart Brabus, A Team Van, Bike Engine, Kit Cars, Engineering, Smart Fortwo, The Incredibles

This 2008 Smart Fortwo is owned by Tom Raba and built with help from AFR Autoworks in Alberta, Canada. Tom might have started with the cheapest Fortwo he could find but after a lot of effort it has transformed into an amazing project. The Fortwo is powered by a 1300 cc Suzuki Gen 1 GSXR-1300...

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Let’s talk cars. Cute ones. Like they used to make ’em. BMW Isetta, 1957 It’s said to be the very best microcar of its time. BMW teamed up with Milan-based refrigerator company, Iso Spa of all things on this one, thus the name “Isetta”, meaning “little Iso”. Probably the most unusual thing about it is the…

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