Small dog training

Discover proven techniques to train your small dog and improve their obedience and behavior. Unlock the potential of your furry friend with these top training ideas.
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Good things come in small packages, and many owners follow this motto when choosing their dogs. Small dogs are a preferred choice over big breeds as their compact size makes them convenient to carry and maintain. A well-trained small dog would be sociable, obedient, and friendly. However, those with improper training could develop small dog syndrome and act contrary to their size. Such dogs often appear stubborn, anxious, and pugnacious. Dogs with a maximum weight of 25 pounds or less than…

Ann-sarah Royer
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Big news: we brought home our new puppy this weekend! He's the sweetest little guy. He just loves to cuddle and is adjusting great to the kids and the house. He especially loves exploring in the backyard and it's so cute watching the little games he plays. Bringing home a new puppy is exciting, but

Carly Conte-Andres
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Potty training a small dog…some say it can’t be done. Well, I’m here to tell you it IS possible. BUT potty training a Chihuahua or other small breed dog is NOT easy. Before we get into HOW to potty train your little dog, let’s talk about the reasons why it can be difficult: 1) […]

Sherri Justice