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2040 tubing with 3/8" steel for hunting - Slingshot Bands and Tubes - Slingshot Forum Camping, Bands, Diy, Diy Slingshot, Steel, Slingshot Band, Homemade Weapons, Slingshot, Archery

2040 tubing with 3/8" steel for hunting - posted in Slingshot Bands and Tubes: Just wondering if 2040 Dankung premium tubing would be suitable to take game with 3/8 steel. Upon target practice it seems as though it has enough power but Im just curious if anyone else has had success with 2040 and 3/8 steel. I shoot feral Pigeons and Indian Myna birds using 8mm steel and 2040 tubing and it drops them on the spot. But I need to know if the 2040 and 3/8 steel would be suitable to take game...

Marcelino Alvarez
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DIY High-powered Slingshot on the Cheap, AKA "The MasherSling": Living in New York state, I have recently and unfortunately found out that slingshots, from the lowly Y-shaped-stick-and-rubber-band redneck shooter all the way up to wrist rockets that can kill a 15 pound animal. So, being an inventive jackass of …

Cecilie Damsgaard