Skeleton zombie

Get ready for Halloween with spooky skeleton zombie ideas. Transform your home into a haunted house with these terrifying decorations and costumes.
Dungeon of Signs: Monster Archaeology - Lesser Undead Horror, Dark Fantasy, Necromancer, Undead, Undead Art, Zombie, Vampire, Fantasy Monster, Medieval Fantasy

SKELETONS AND ZOMBIES I'm not sure if the animated skeleton is the most iconic Dungeons & Dragons monster, but it's certainly close. Interestingly there are few undead in Tolkien (other then the Ring Wraiths who are a clear inspiration for the wraith in D&D), but plenty in the other Swords and Sorcery inspirations for Dungeons and Dragons. In the Monsters & Treasure undead are broken down by power level, but unlike humanoids each variety has some variation in abilities and a variety of…