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Edmund (Seriously though, if they ever made A Separate Peace into a movie, he would be perfect for Gene Forrester.) Harry Potter, Vampire Diaries, Fandom, Edmund Narnia, Narnia Cast, Narnia Prince Caspian, Narnia 3, Prince Caspian, Edmund Pevensie

For adaptations of this character, see Edmund Pevensie (BBC) and Edmund Pevensie (Walden). King Edmund Pevensie (1930-1949), also known as "Ed", was the third of the Pevensies children, and the second one to enter the magical World of Narnia. He was mischievous, dry witted and rather sarcastic, but changed largely after his experience with the White Witch who tricked him into betraying his siblings for her. Edmund was crowned King of Narnia, along with his brother Peter, and sisters Susan…

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