Singing hallelujah

Experience the magic of singing Hallelujah with these powerful and soulful renditions. Get inspired and uplifted with the mesmerizing melodies of this iconic song.
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Blind auditions, battle rounds, coach’s teams, knock out rounds. Sometimes you just want to see the talent sing. Here’s a great video of Felix Harer and Benedikt Kostler taking part in one of the earlier battle rounds of the European talent show Voice of Germany 2017 with a cover of the classic Leonard Cohen song.

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Leonard Cohen, the Canadian singer/songwriter/poet/novelist, wrote a masterpiece that would become one of the most recorded songs in modern times. The song "Hallelujah" was first recorded by Cohen in 1984 on his album "Various Positions," but received very little airplay. It wasn't until Welsh singer John Cale recorded it in 1991 that it became as

Judy Copeland
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'Hallelujah' is a song that calls for a lot from an artist in order to be noticed. Here on the stage of Britain's Got Talent, and a nervous, emotional Kyle Watson steps forward to take on the big challenge of this song. With all onlooking, he started to sing, getting better and better as the

Stephanie Humphries
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Talent seems to come in a variety of exciting shapes and sizes these days. Just take a look at this amazing 11-year-old autistic songstress, Kaylee. Not only can she hold her notes, but she was also able to stand her own while performing alongside internationally acclaimed performers, Pentatonix. The host, Steve Harvey, the audience, and

Linda Ervin
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If there's one thing y'all need to experience today, it's this jaw-dropping rendition of Leonard Cohen's signature song, "Hallelujah". During the 2008 X Factor season, Alexandra Burke took the stage to perform this timeless classic, successfully blowing away not just the audience, but the judges as well, as she received a standing ovation. "Hallelujah" was written and recorded by Canadian singer, Leonard Cohen, and released in 1984 on his Various Positions album. It's been covered numerous…

Hermelinda Calderon