Learn how to throw shurikens like a ninja with these expert tips and techniques. Discover the secrets of precise aim and perfect timing to become a shuriken master.
SHURIKEN    SHURIKEN (THROWING STAR):      A shuriken  ( Japanese  手裏剣; literally: "sword hidden in the hand") is a traditional Japanese  ... Miguel Angel, Dojo Design, Throwing Stars, Concealed Weapons, Katori, Ninja Star, Ninja Weapons, Shuriken, Art Curriculum

SHURIKEN SHURIKEN (THROWING STAR): A shuriken (Japanese 手裏剣; literally: "sword hidden in the hand") is a traditional Japanese concealed weapon that was generally used for throwing, and sometimes stabbing or slashing. They are sharpened hand-held blades made from a variety of everyday items, such as needles, nails, and knives, as well as coins, washers, and other flat plates of metal. Shuriken is the name given to any small-bladed object, while shaken is traditionally used to indicate the…

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