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Explore the structure and function of the shoulder blades with this comprehensive anatomy reference. Learn how the shoulder blades contribute to posture, movement, and overall upper body strength.
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Let’s talk about the shoulder blades. Recently, while evaluating my newest batch of teacher trainees during their teaching-intensive, I was surprised to hear the instructions to “move the shoulder blades toward the pelvis” when the arms were in the overhead position, such as in Urdhva Hastasana (Upward Salute Pose). I heard it in Virabhadrasana I … Continued

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The trapezius is a large muscle that runs from the neck to the mid-spine. This muscle can be divided into its upper, middle and lower sections. The lower fibers of the trapezius are responsible for mobilizing the scapula and extending the upper spine. Many sports and exercises place a high degree of strain on the ...

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We are all familiar with the shape of our shoulder blade. It lies flat on our chest, and moves along with the arm as we position our hand in space. But in some shoulder conditions, the shoulder blade does not lie flat on the chest any more; it protrudes like the wing of a bird. … More Serratus Anterior Weakness: One of Many Reasons for Shoulder Blade Winging

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