Sewing studio layout

Design your dream sewing studio with these creative layout ideas. Maximize your space and create a functional and inspiring environment for your sewing projects.
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Mission: Organization - Final modifications to studio, submitted to builder! - Thank you for all the suggestions to my original layout plan for my upcoming studio. I made several revisions, and the plan was delivered to the builder yesterday! We'll get a final bid in a couple of weeks, and I hope to break ground in

Tori Rickard
Sewing Room Rearrange - Sylvia's Stitches

With the new design wall, I once again rearranged the room a bit. Am I the only one who changes things up often? I missed having my regular sewing machine out. Also wanted space for my laptop to be near my main sitting area. The room is narrow, and space is a premium, so I once again pulled out the now laminated sheet of paper with the sewing room floor plan, and the envelope of my sewing room furniture pieces of paper. Tried many options, took photos of each, but decided to go with the…

Rita Sanders-Peaks