Self watering planter

Take the hassle out of watering your plants with self-watering planters. Discover how these innovative planters can help you maintain healthy and thriving plants with minimal effort.
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If you’re like me, you love a good a vacation. In fact, you’d probably say you live for vacation days. But then you’re faced with that age-old question – how are your plants going to live without you? You don’t want to hire someone just to look after your plants, and self-watering systems can be...

Melissa Cook
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Undoubtedly, gardening is an excellent hobby for all age groups and genders. However, it may be difficult for you, especially if you have a strict routine and schedule. Don't worry; it doesn't mean that you cannot plant your favorite flowers or herbs yourself. Most of the plants don't require too much care and effort to grow. But you can still minimize the required time and effort with a DIY self watering planter. Find these 30 cheap and easy diy self watering planters ideas that come with…

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Lettuce, herbs or flowers will stay hydrated all summer long in this self-watering container garden. Words & photos: Julie Legg Wicking garden beds are ideal for small gardens or where irrigation is not possible as the built-in water reservoir allows plants to access moisture as required. HOW IT WORKS Water is drawn by a wicking process through the soil from a water reservoir beneath. The reservoir is filled either by rainfall or intentional watering and if there’s too much water, an…

Sharon Deihl
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There are lots of tutorials showing how to make a self-watering planter, but most methods make pretty ugly pots from 5-gallon buckets. So we figured out how to turn ANY pretty pot into a self-watering planter.

Debbie Harper