Self sufficient homestead

Transform your property into a self-sufficient homestead that supports sustainable living. Explore top ideas and tips to produce your own food, generate renewable energy, and live off the grid.
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When I set the goal to eat only the veggies from my garden for a whole year, I had one big problem. I had no idea how many plants we needed to grow for a years worth of food! Since I grow for six people in a 3500 square foot garden with some space allocated for fruits, my amounts needed to be precise.

Amanda Masters
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The last couple of days I have given you 12 months of frugal living and 12 months of healthier living. Today I'm going to share my last one which is 12 months to homesteading. If you've always wanted to know how to start homesteading, you'll want to keep reading. This post contains affiliate links.

Gray Hite