Self portrait artists

Explore the works of talented self portrait artists and get inspired to create your own masterpiece. Find out about their techniques and styles to enhance your self portrait skills.
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Dallas-based artist Alexis Franklin considers her digital renderings a reinvention of the expected. “I’ve always seen the world through a filter that brings vibrance and excitement to things most people wouldn’t notice, and that’s something that I really want to have come across in my work,” she says of her expressive paintings. Through facial expressions, gestures, and color, each work highlights the nuances of the subjects’ experience, personality, and mood. A church videographer by day…

Aline Barbosa
Self-Taught Artist Makes Amazing Female Portraits Based On Doodles Draw, Sketches, Pencil Drawings, Portrait, Portraits, Portrait Drawing, Portrait Art, Drawings, Realism

Liz Y Ahmet is a UK-based, self-taught artist who creates portraits of women from hundreds of scribbled lines. What looks chaotic and even a little bit messy at first glance, with the talented hands and creative mind of this contemporary artist, emerges into perfectly detailed, expressive, and dynamic portraits. It's amazing how looping and scattered lines we used to draw as children can convey such strong emotions.

A. L. Stone