Sari fabric

Explore a wide range of sari fabric options for your fashion and home decor projects. Find inspiration and create stunning designs with the vibrant colors and intricate patterns of sari fabric.

Stunning clothing from India (the colours and patterns are so amazing) and other countries of the Orient <3. See more ideas about Indian Fashion, Indian clothes and Indian Outfits.

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10 kilos or 22 pounds of used silk sari fabric. Sari silk can be shredded and turned into silk saree ribbon or spun into yarn. Can also be used for rag rugs , weaving rugs, jewelry, upcycled clothes,quilting the possibilities are endless with this amount of fabric. The Original Sari bundle! Many repeat buyers use this for Nuno felting. I have been selling these sari since 2011, If youré a nuno felter I can make sure they are silk , if you are an event/wedding planner planner give me your…

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