Saltwater lures

Catch more fish in saltwater with these effective lures. Explore the top saltwater lures that will attract a variety of fish species and increase your chances of a successful fishing trip.
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If you’re an experienced fisher, your tackle box is probably already overflowing with lures when surf fishing. While you may have enough to get by, wouldn’t it be better to have the best lures for the type of fishing and the fish you want to catch? Often, anglers are carrying around a large assortment of lures when they really only need a few top performers. Top 10 Lures for Surf Fishing Surf fishing lures should be designed specifically for saltwater use to prevent corrosion, and there are…

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Some people like saltwater lure fishing, fishing in the sea is more interesting and more challenge. The weather, the ocean current, the wind and so on, can influence the lure fishing. Also the ocean fish is more aggressive, let learn some sea lure fishing fish species below.Sea Bass: is a common fish name. Many fish sp

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Fishing for Redfish with topwater lures is an exciting and explosive method of catching these hard fighting and good eating fish. There are five basic types of topwater lures for Redfish. 1. Walkers, 2. Twitch Baits, 3. Buzz Baits, 4. Prop Baits and 5. Poppers. Any and all will catch redfish if you can “match the hatch” by using baits that closely resemble what the Redfish are currently feeding on. #fishinggirl #fishinggirls #reddrum #fishing #fishingtips #fishinggear #fishingtackle

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