Salad with cabbage

Discover a variety of delicious salad recipes that feature cabbage as a key ingredient. From classic coleslaw to Asian-inspired salads, find the perfect cabbage salad recipe to satisfy your taste buds.
Bowlful of cabbage salad with salad spoons.

Want something that goes with just about everything! Well, then you have to make this crunchy cabbage salad! Super healthy. Get the crunch! Cabbage Salad I mean what’s better than a fresh cabbage salad. Call it coleslaw if you like. However, for me, this is a certified salad! Recipe for Cabbage Salad If you Google...


Spicy ranch chopped chicken cabbage salad made with a rainbow of veggies like bell pepper, carrots, crunchy cabbage, sweet corn and a kick of heat from jalapeño. Top this healthy chopped chicken salad with a homemade spicy greek yogurt ranch dressing for a deliciously filling salad that will keep you satisfied!

Ashley Fields